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What is Pinoy Recruiters?

Tracy Davison (AKA The 60 Second Millionaire) experimented on hiring a call center to recruit more people for his global Network Marketing Team. The results were phenomenal! They generated over 1,000 new recruits in a matter of 60 days – Pinoy Recruiters was born.

Just think of the possibilities of what this could do for your organization. The original team that recruited more than a thousand people into that network marketing team was only 10 Agents.

Pinoy recruiters is now a progressive home-based/office-based recruitment team of “Recruiting Machines.”We are close to completing our final phase of hiring 10,000 Agents.  The main focus of our Agents will be to recruit at least 5 Paid Sign Ups for every 8 man-hours worked, for a select number of companies.  WOW!  Our capacity will soon soar to over 50,000 Recruits a DAY! By acquiring our services, we can build your down-line with strategies that propelled Tracy Davison to the status of a seven-figure-income-earner in a matter of months.  For more details on this story, see:  http://millionaireacademynetwork.com/school/?p=17.  Please note when reading this story that one of the largest mistakes Tracy ever made was being dedicated to only one stream of income—his income literally fell from $70,000.00 a week to ZERO in a single day!  Are you making the same mistake?

How can Pinoy Recruiters build your down line?

While most of our clients are focused on their primary network marketing businesses, they tend to join one of our existing opportunities to access the massive momentum we are creating through the efforts of our Agents.  By purchasing Recruits from us for one of these existing opportunities you will enjoy what we like to call “Atomic Growth” below you and your username creating a fast growing additional stream of income.  Once you become the sponsor of the people we recruit for you in one or more of these opportunities you are free to sponsor them into your primary business too.  We have found that “Hot” companies easily trickle down, generation by generation—accelerating the speed of growth in a primary business down-line.

The alternative would be to negotiate a deal with us to add your business to our services placing you at the number one position wherein all recruits that come in from our efforts for that company fall 100% below you, which will cost you a minimum of $25,000.00 up front!

Why Network Marketing?

Network marketing has stood out as the best way to make money within the “Information Age.”  While the “Job” was best suited for the “Industrial Age” where everything was measured by the units, such as hours worked, and parts assembled, it doesn’t fully represent the true value of what a person has to offer the marketplace.  Today, tremendous value is given to a person’s social network.  Major Brands alike are all scrambling to find a way to drill down and mine the individuals’ social network knowing that it is absolutely the most cost effective way to move goods and services in the world today.  The “White Noise” of advertising is simply not as powerful as getting individuals to recommend and promote Brands, Products, and Services.  Even the smallest voices can make or break a company by what comes out of their mouths when multiplied by the millions.  People will trust a friend, or even an individual blogger on the internet (which is completely mobile now) more than a 60 second commercial on the TV or radio.  Finally, the efficiencies of computer automation and the over-regulation of governments combine to reduce the value of an hour worked to practically nothing—all employees seem to be suffering dearly from the lack of money.  Regardless, if they are skilled or unskilled, educated or not.  It’s becoming clearer to every network marketer in the world that everyone needs a home-based business, just to survive in the long run.  The sooner the masses wake up to this reality, the better off they’ll be.

Why are we promoting the Penny Matrix?

First of all, after looking at hundreds of different opportunities, the Penny Matrix is best suited to move the 222,000 person organization Tracy built from Zeek Rewards, which is now out of business, to an opportunity that is in business.  See:  http://gotracy.org/pm/. Since both have a low entry of just a few dollars to get started, which appeals to the masses.  Also, both operate(d) in about 200 countries, he figured about half of his organization resides in a third world country.  $7 is within reach of every person on planet Earth.  Both are digital companies delivering instantly their respective products and services.  Both are built using a two by whatever matrix style compensation plan that allows people beneath the opportunity to benefit from the efforts of the people above.  Yet, the Penny Matrix does not carry with it the down side that lead to the demise of Zeek Rewards—No revenue sharing portion within the compensation plan.  This style compensation plan has been around for decades, and is generally considered a safe way to build a network marketing income.

Our Target is to build a team of one million people within the Penny Matrix before the end of August, 2013.  The shock wave of momentum coming out of this explosive growth in such a short period of time will continue to propel this team and the Penny Matrix into millions of people around the world. Putting us into the record books as not only the world’s largest network marketing organization, but also the fastest built in recorded history!  Viral growth will not be sufficient to describe it—we will now call this “ATOMIC GROWTH.”  Our team around the world will be heard saying:  “You’re heard of Viral Growth haven’t you?  That’s nothing compared to this!  This is Atomic Growth!”

Let’s face it, the Penny Matrix is a feeder pool, with the commissions being based on just pennies a month per team member, this is the perfect business to start a network marketing relationship.  Most of our “Clients” already have a home-based-business.  Consider the “Recruits” we sign up for you into the Penny Matrix as the hottest leads you will ever get for your primary business.  Since you will automatically be the “Sponsor” of all of the PAID “Recruits” you pay for in advance, you will find that it will be easy to share your primary business with them and some will join you on that to, if it resonates with the current marketplace.

The Penny Matrix is a fresh new company, which means most people are not already signed up.  That’s very important, if you are trying to build something as large as we project.

Lastly, at $7 a month, we tell people don’t over-think this, this is a no-brainer!  With all of the up-side potential, don’t take any longer deciding to do this business as you do any other $7 decision you make on a daily basis.  For the cost of a sandwich, you can have a powerful global business.  This is like a Netflix for eBooks, and Netflix, with its 35 million subscribers worldwide would be the largest network marketing team if it was a home-based-business opportunity.  With the momentum Pinoy Recruiters is going to create, we predict that the Penny Matrix will become the world’s largest network marketing team in a matter of months.  Aren’t you glad to know about this early on, right now?

Why Hire Pinoys?

Due to circumstances beyond their control the people of the Philippines, who for the most part are educated and friendly, suffer from rampant unemployment, and especially under-employment living in one of the world’s dimmest areas when it comes to wages.  Most are still conditioned to believe that all they need is a good job to make it.  So, Pinoy Recruiters will meet their perceived need for a job, while re-conditioning them to accept the reality that what they really need is a successful home-based business.  Our home-based employees earn “Crazy Money” working from the comfort and safety of their homes.  Our flexible work schedules, which are monitored, give our employees so many lifestyle benefits, they are too many to enumerate here.

What does all of this mean?  Not only are we brightening up one of the dimmest economies in the world, we can pass the savings of low labor costs along to our clients!  We can provide a paid sign up to our Clients for about the same cost as a high quality lead for their home-based business.  The exponential factor makes it nearly impossible to calculate the value of each recruit we provide our Clients.

Why is training an employee to recruit more powerful than just sticking to training my network marketing team?

As the saying goes, “Perception is Reality.”  Due to hundreds of years of conditioning, people have grown accustomed to working harder for someone else than they do themselves.  The experiment is over, the results are in.  We can consistently get more recruits out of an employee, than we can get out of a network marketer.  Driven by the fear of loss—the idea that they can be fired, one of my “Agents” will be more productive in recruiting, that 100 of my “Network Marketers” with the exact same training.  When society catches up to the realities of the “Information Age” and finds out how easy it is to recruit for themselves, my services here will no longer be needed.  We may not live long enough to see it happen for myself, so this is likely the beginning of a life-long venture.


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